Privacy Policy


As your estate agent we collect personal information about you (if you are an individual) and with your consent will use it for the following purposes –

·                        to act for you and perform our obligations under this Authority, or carry out other instructions you give us during the term of this Authority;

·                        to liaise with your conveyance, legal practitioner, accountant, financial planner or institution, trades people, bodies corporate, government, statutory or municipal bodies or other necessary third parties in connection with performing our obligations under this Authority or instructions you may give to us;

·                        to advise The Real Estate Institute of Victoria Ltd. (“REIV”) and/or Ltd of the details of the sale of your property and/or business (except your name) for the purpose of enabling either or both of them to collect and/or document details of sales of real estate and businesses and/or cause to be published in print or electronic form details of sales of real estate and businesses for the benefit of estate agents , valuers, government departments, statutory or municipal bodies, stocktakers, accountants and the general public so there is an informed transparent real estate market and also for the benefit of REIV members to assist them in providing the best possible service to their clients;

·                        to enable us to provide estimates of selling price of real estate as required by the Estate Agents Act 1980;

·                        to enable us to prepare or arrange appraisals and/or valuations of real estate and businesses;

·                        to enable us to promote our services and/or seek out potential clients;

·         to enable us to respond to queries (if any) received from Consumer Affairs Victoria or the REIV;

We may be required to collect and use your personal information under Commonwealth and Victorian laws relating to the sale of real estate, taxation, foreign investment, money laundering, and terrorism.

You may contact us between the hours of 8.30 am and 4.00 pm Monday to Friday (public holidays excepted) to gain access to or amend the personal information we hold about you.  Our contact details are listed below.

The main consequences for you if all or part of your personal information is not provided to us are that we may not be able to act for you and/or perform our obligations to you as your Estate Agent


EV Comm Pty Ltd – Trading as All Commercial Real Estate – ABN 60 560 439 677

Telephone 03 9532 0314 or 1300 653 004

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